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Paint wrinkling

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#1 KB Tackle

KB Tackle


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Posted 03 July 2009 - 05:23 PM

Alright guys need some help. Sprayed a couple of plastic cranks, used createx. Here's the problem. Lures looked good after painting, used Krylon clear for a topcoat and the Krylon made the paint wrinkle on one of them. Could spraying too close cause this or was it the Krylon? Need help please. Thanks

#2 BobP


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Posted 04 July 2009 - 12:04 AM

I don't use Krylon but Dick Nite. Both are solvent based topcoats and can have the same problem - if wet topcoat sits on the lure's surface too long, it wrinkles the paint. The problem is worse in high humidity or cold, which can slow flash-off of the solvent from the topcoat. I suggest spraying several light coats.

#3 Lure--Prof


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Posted 10 July 2009 - 12:41 PM

Also...be sure and heat-set your baits when you use Createx! This is absolutely necessary!! I use a hair dryer on high on each bait for several minutes on each lure after completing painting, and also use it between coats to a lesser extent, depending on the thickness of the coat. Without this step, my baits would be a mess when using a solvent-containing topcoat (Dicknite's). Thorough heat-setting however, transforms Createx, enabling me to use Dicknite's for the last 3 years without a problem.

I primarily paint epoxy-sealed wood baits, so pouring the heat to them is no problem. I'm a little more cautious with plastic bodies though. I've never had a problem with Norman's Deep Little N's, Rebel Plaster of Paris R's, or Heddon's Spooks, along with some others. However, I recently had an inexpensive BPS lure deform, so you are so advised.


#4 gunnie3035


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Posted 13 July 2009 - 02:07 AM

What Dean said.... I popped a netcraft pointer by over heating, then I cracked the paint [seam] on an Sebile crank, then I was worried about and took it easy on the next bait. Yup, didn't heat set it enough and wrinkled the paint. If you watch the the back and belly real close you will start to see the seam show through shortly before its too late. On certain colors I can actually see the color change and know when it is ready. Heat setting is a must do!!