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I am trying to make some knock offs of the old style bomber lure that looked like a crawfish. My problemis what to use for the metal lip? Should I go with steel plate or alumiun? Will the steel rust? What if I paint the lips and top coat them? I know I could test all the types and pick nthe best one, but being lazy:yes::yes: I thought maybe someone has already dealt with this problem.

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I stick with aluminum, its light and it wont rust and it will be easier to work with than steel.

Goodluck, Jacob

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@ MuskyGary

There is a tutorial about that very lure type in here , have you seen it already ?

Couple of months ago , I had made two as well(to be seen somewhere in my gallery uploads) , I used 1 mm thick aluminium sheet for the lips , as the lures are quite small .

If I would have made bigger ones , thus more voluminous and buoyant , I would have used 1,5 mm aluminium .

I would not advise you to use ordinary steel sheet , it will definately rust sooner or later , any topcoat will come off , when the lure is bouncing the lake's bottom ocassionally .

Only option would be stainless steel sheet , but it is hard to work on ,........0,5 mm you can still cut with shears , 1,0 mm + not anymore , you'd need to cut it with a saw ,........and 0,5 mm deforms too easily .

Filing it to the final shape would take about at least twice as long as if it was aluminium .

There is also a weight issue about steel , not suited for smaller lures , I suppose , .......never used it for diving bills , only making casting spoons from it .

Saw some people using brass or copper sheet for diving bills as well , these are very heavy materials either ,..... I only saw small bills on "Rapala Original" type of baits , a big bill like on a "Bomber" would probably turn out too heavy and render the lure sinking:? ?

good luck , diemai:yay:

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