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John Sanner

Polytranspar Superhide White

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John: My opinion is the answer is no you don't need to use any other prep. BobP has had a lot of experience with Superhide as a primer; I'm sure he will respond when he sees your post.

This stuff is very adherent especially on my airbrushes!

Good luck! ken

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I have used this Super White Base coat for years ... Works Great for me ...

I use a lot of there paints and haven't had any problems .. They have really nice blending colors as well as reflective types ....

Experiment with the colors and overlays ... You can really come up with some nice colors..


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I use it as a color basecoat. It's designed for that application, adheres well and is highly pigmented (meaning it takes less of it to cover other colors). It is harder than normal acrylic airbrush paint. When refinishing cranks, I scuff existing finish with 400 grit and then spray the Superhide. On unpainted plastic, I just wash the bait or wipe it down with denatured alcohol to remove dirt/grease from the surface. Instead of sanding, some guys report good results using aerosol Bulldog adhesion promoter.

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