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bbduc    11

I've had the good fortune to boat a few muskie this year and they are destroying my baits. I use etex, carefully measured then placed on the wheel. Generally I put 3-6 coats on depending on the bait.

What do commercial builders use?

Are there other epoxies that some of you may use that hold up better?

Thanks for any info on this. Sorry for yet another etex thread.

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BobP    834

I thought Etex was the "epoxy of choice" for custom musky bait builders? IMO, all epoxies share a basic chemistry and most have similar physical chacteristics. I haven't heard of a brand that is demonstrably more durable or tooth resistant than Etex or D2T. Most Musky guys are HAPPY to have their lures chewed on.

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diemai    228

@ bbduc

Years ago I've received a pack of Etex from a Belgian friend(not available over here those days) .

I have applied it on a couple of dozens of lures over times until it was through .

Later I have found it to have come off from only SOME of these lures , not all .

Once the finish was pierced by pike's teeth , it started to come off in large chips after a while ,....... I could virtually "skin" those lures .

As I don't use a rotator , my finishes are not that thick , anyway ,.... but I am not using Etex no more , but a certain local epoxy brand plus 2K auto clear or modelling dope , ....this stuff just adheres better .

Any lure finish would get pierced sooner or later , even commercial wood lures suffer from it , .........I have once seen a magazine picture of a "Super Shad Rap" after approx . 80 pike , looked like a woodpecker's playground !

Thus it is important to find a reliable method to seal off the bare wood against water sepage , so even though the finish gets pierced or even destroyed , water and moisture can't harm the lure that much and it's lifetime extends .

But still lucky those targeting "toothless" species like perch , bass , trout , etc. ,.... no such problems;) !

good luck , diemai:yay:

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spidergrub6    10

I don't think that the professional builders have found anything too teeth proof yet. I was fishing a Bomber model B for smallies and the northern were just destroying the paint job. Not even big fish. So I think you just have too deal with the low durability or use plastic baits. Personally I like using scarred up baits cause I feel that I will catch something then.

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