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Metal Swimbait Or Jointed Spoon ????

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Posted 11 August 2009 - 04:32 AM

Diemai, Once again you are pushing the boundaries. Don't know how you come up with these ideas. But they are great and ingenious. I like this one.
I just watched your video and I think it has plenty of action and great flash. I think it will get clobbered (aggressively attacked) when you take it fishing.
I would think of it as a metal swimbait with a different action which could be a very good thing. Thanks for posting. Good work. Hope it gets you a big one.

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Posted 11 August 2009 - 06:00 PM

Thanks a lot for your kind words , guys , much appreciated :yes::worship:!

Happy , that the second video I've ever made turned out a bit useful to the viewer :yes:!

Actually I've been tinkering on swimbait-like lures consisting of metal sheets for some time already , but this pure metal one here is the first one , that does entirely fulfill my goals of design:yes: :yes:!

I started my luremaking career with metal baits many years ago , guess , that's why I still hang to them quite a bit !
I can also get the material for free and have access to industrial grade machinery for working them down .

With metal lures I do not have to face any problems with painting , topcoating and water sepage , ........once they're done , they'd stay in shape , no maintenance required(OK ,.... maybe new hooks or applying new decal foil ocassionally , no big deal !) .

After having seen so many swimbaits here on TU and also making my first wooden one(that even works nicely) I had thought about adapting that swimbait principle to metal lures , as I would not have to bother about complicated hinging and especially keeping the joining parts waterproof(never knew about PVC then and still it seems not to be easily accessible to me) .

Anyway ,about one year ago I started out with a crudely jammed together metal swimbait prototype of 0,5 mm stainless steel sheet , made to stay afloat by some bottle corks just slid over the top rims of the metal sections .

I was aware , that I would need multiple tow eyes for testing for action , so I drilled many holes into the front section .............and this thing really swims like a real swimbait attached to the outer holes ,....... don't remember , whether it was on top or bottom , but I guess on both sides , ....only one better than the other .

So I was curious and launched some three similar baits more employing the same principle , but this time of different metal sheets , copper , brass and stainless steel and also of different thicknesses .

Instead of bottlecork I used abachewood as flotation bodies , .......I was soon aware , that these small pieces of wood would not be able to keep the lures afloat , but at least I was hoping that they would let them(or a part of them)sink in an upright position .

The assembly and painting was a PITA , as one has to connect the sections with the splitrings PRIOR to glueing on the "flotation bodies" of wood , thus also prior to painting , decorating and topcoating them , so the previously mentioned advantages of metal lures I claimed for turned out a hoax:huh::mad::( !

Anyway , I got finished with these one day ,....... only to find out , that none of them does achieve any "snake-like" swimbait action , no matter of what hole I'd attach them to:mad::( !

The heaviest one of them sinks like a brick , and the lightest still goes down at at least 1 1/2 feet/sec. ,.... I could probably only try using them twitching along the bottom to get a bit of action out of them , .......but never did so far .

Anyway , I had dumped these prototype and failures in my basement for a year or so ,........ until this certain "Mouse Spoon" got to my hands , that is able to tug "anything" behind it without losing it's wobble..........the result is here now;):yes: !

greetz , diemai:yay:

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Posted 11 August 2009 - 10:43 PM

Great video, love the accent.

That second spoon swam really well. You should try just polishing one without finish, take advantage of that flash. Then again, it might scare the fish away.

Impressive work as usual, thanks for sharing.