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Needing some help on adhesion. I am using new in package plastic baits, sanding them to scuff the surface and applying Krylon primer. I am allowing the primer to dry for an hour then airbrushing base coat white by Auto Air waterbased paints. I am putting a very thin see thru coat over the primer, then use a hair dryer to dry. Repeating the process 5-6 times until a nice coat appears. Although I let it set overnight I can use my fingernail to scrape thru to the primer. I don't have a clue why the auto air is not drying eventhough I use a 4011 reducer and apply in extremely thin coats. Help!

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Ok i will be bold and to the POINT!!!.. so dont take this as an attack on you personally.. Its really an attack on Krylon...Krylon in my personal opinion..whatever that is worth..STINKS!.. Their I said it..It doesnt hold up worth a flip... The paint hasnt been the same since Johnny BENCH RETIRED!!! Go to an automotive supply store and get some Nason Primer 421-24.. a Dupont product.


1. Scuff lure with 400 sand paper just take off shine

2. Wash off the dust with soap and water

3. Get you some bulldog adhesion promoter at that same store.. lightly apply 1 light coat of bulldog.. wait about 2 to 3 mins.. apply a 2nd light coat again...takes pratice because bulldog will RUN easily.. LIGHTLY!! AND I DO MEAN LIGHTLY!!

4. After the bulldog tacks up in normally about 45 seconds.. SPARY 1 light tack coat of Nason 421-24 primer.. you could use 2 coats of primer but normally you dont need too if you used Bulldog... Bulldog is just more peace of mind.. you dont have to do the bulldog step if you dont want too... But that bulldog stuff bites PLASTIC and STICKS!

5. Spary your Auto Air Base Coat Sealer

6. Paint your bait..

7. Clear coat your bait with a Moisture Cure Urethene Clear Coat.

Good luck hope I helped.. TOSS YOUR KRYLON IN THE TRASH CAN!

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You have to let the primer dry for 24 hours.

I use Krylon, when I can get it, and Rustoleum primer, and they both say to let them dry for 24 hours before you paint over them.

I wet sand my primer after two hours, but I let it cure the full 24 before I paint over it.

Then I hit the primed lure with the hair dryer, just to be sure.

Otherwise, there is still solvent trapped in the paint, and it will screw with the finish paint you're putting over it.

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Thanks guys! As you can tell I am a rookie at this, but the first bait I sprayed came out better than my wildest expectations and ever since I bombed. I think I am in too big of a rush. I have to admit, this is a blast. Thanks again for your time.


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