where to get stainless steel screw eyes?

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I have some stainless steel screw eyes I ordered from a tackle supply store online, but was wondering if that was the sort of thing that hardware shops or somewhere else might carry? I checked home depot the other day, no luck.

Otherwise I'll have to order more in not too long, I'll burn through 25 screws faster than I thought I would.

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@ mainbutter

I mailorder mine from , check the download catalog there .

But also some other suppliers listed in here(left column "The Resources , components , tacklemakers" )may carry them .

You may also check Lure Fishing UK , on the entry page click on "links"(yellow lure) , a choice of three different link list-ups appears , the top one , and you'll get access to supplier site's of fishing related stuff worldwide , .....of course also many US sites in there , also some component suppliers .

Guess , that the ordinary screw eyes available in hardware stores are not that suitable for lures , they are not stainless(apart from brass ones) , their wire is too thick and the threaded shanks are to short .

good luck , diemai:yay:

PS : Just checked the "Moore's Lures" link , it does not open up anymore ,......does anyone know , whether something happened to the business ????

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@ FishBooger

Thanks a lot:yes: , .......probably he only has his site under maintainance ?

greetz , diemai:yay:

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