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If you didn't already know by my new avatar, I finally sat down in my new paintbooth and played with a couple of cranks over the weekend....so this is officially my first repaint of a factory bait....a Rapala shadrap that started out chrome with a black back.....I posted a couple of pics in the gallery section and heres a short video I made that helps show off the prism flake effect.

I'd love to hear your comments, and i'm looking forward to tryin my hand at more.....For the record I used Hok paints and a no-name automotive urethane clearcoat.....all sprayed thru an Iwata Eclipse.

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"and a no-name automotive urethane clearcoat"

Not sure what that means????but man that finish is DEEP!!

I agree w/ KC...prob. look better on the end of my line too!


It means the clear came in bulk drums at my buddies paintshop and he gave me a couple of quarts of clear and cat, but all he wrote down on the can was "Clear-4:1"......So now, several months later that buddy and that paintshop have moved to another state, and I don't have a clue what brand it was....lol....I think they used Dupont products mostly, but who knows....my memory is shot anymore....lol.:sauced:

RayburnGuy, I do give airbrush lessons, and that was one of the reasons I built a new paintbooth...so I'd have a much nicer place to do that....but in the lure painting arena i'm a complete newbie, so I wouldn't attempt to teach that.....although we could paint a bait as part of the lesson if thats what you wanted? PM me if your interested in knowing more.

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