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Hello guys! I have a shopsmith Mark V model 510 multi tool with lathe.I was wandering if anyone has tried to buy on of the fishing lure duplicators for these and if so have you had success with it. Or if that doesn't work is there anyone on here that would be willing to make balsa baits for me or know someone that would. Thanks again!!!!


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I dont know much about how a normal duplicator works.... but i have done quite a bit of reading on them. From what i have read on other websites about duplicators is that they work pretty easily. They just follow a template, or an outline of the lure. I bet you can make one though.

Heres a link on how to make one, also this site has all kinds of things about lathe duplicators and such to:yay:

home made duplicator - SurfTalk

I have not made one though, I only turn lures for myself and to sell. Lol i enjoy turning them also.

Goodluck, Jacob

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