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New here and new to creating my own cranks. Had a few ? if that is ok.

1. What paint (type, brand) is mostly used? From looking around it seems most people are using Createx?

2. Is everybody using a double-action AB? Is it gravity fed or bottle fed?

3. Where can I find unpainted lures?

4. Coat the lure with a clearcoat (2-part), polyurathane, etc.


Thanks for the help

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Kris, Here are some brief answers but I strongly suggest you use the SEARCH function on the right of the page to explore answers to your questions in depth. There's a ton on info on all of it.

Createx is a popular and widely available brand of acrylic water based airbrush paint and it has a good standard palette of colors. Other brands like Polytranspar, Smith Wildlife, and Van Dyke sell a wide array of special colors. Check out, and other taxidermy sites for them. Craft stores like Michaels, Hobby Lobby carry Createx.

Airbrushes - guys use different AB's, from single action Badgers running on canned air to $500+ ABs running on tool compressors. A double action/internal mix AB is far superior, and you generally get what you pay for. SEARCH on recent threads to find in depth discussions of the options.

Several on-line companies including TU sponsors and Janns Netcraft sell unpainted crankbaits.

Clearcoats fall into 2 generic camps - 2 part epoxies like Devcon 2 Ton, Envirotex Lite and others, and polyurethanes including auto clearcoats, Dick Nite's Fishermun's Lurecoat, etc. Again, search to get detailed info on pros/cons, how to apply them.

The 2 most popular crankbait holders are locking forceps (aka hemostats) and the handles from Xacto type knives.

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