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Thinning Acrylic Craft Paints

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#21 mark poulson

mark poulson

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Posted 17 September 2009 - 08:33 AM

I think you'll find that, unless you have an air brush with a .05 tip, you'll still have to thin the pearls and solids in air brush paint. At least I do, if I'm using a .03 tip or smaller.
Play around by thinning some paint and spraying it on a piece of cardboard, just to see how it sprays, or on a piece of white PVC pipe, to see how it covers
There's no substitute for practice and it's much better to practice on a test board than on a lure. You'll learn how your brush operates with different mixes, and different paints, without having to remove a bad coat from your lure, which can ruin everything you've already done. Been there, done that. More than once.
I always test spray whatever color mix I'm planning to use before I start painting.
You never know what gremlin has snuck into your brush since the last time you used it.
Weird stuff happens.

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Posted 17 September 2009 - 06:24 PM

DSV- when you thin w/b acrylics too much you also dilute the binder in it, so this is why it breaks up and beads. If you use a cheap acrylic you get cheap (coarse) pigments etc, so when you dilute it you need to use 4 coats to get the same colour density as you would using probably 2 coats of air brush paint or good quality artists acrylics - there is a point in any w/b paints dilution where the binders will not bind any more, so get some 'matte medium' and mix a drop or two in your diluted colours.
As for a dilution medium,since KF informed us of the downsides of Windex, I have weaned myself off it and just use water with a few drops of detergent added (2 drops to 1/2 pint), this stops thinned paint from beading, sometimes I just use straight water if I want a beading effect. For cleaning I still use Denatured Alcohol, because it is missable with water I leave it in the brush all the time, so it generally does it's good work down in the bowels of the brush between uses - JUST FLUSH IT OUT WITH WATER BEFORE use, as it will curdle acrylic paint.pete