First time touching an airbrush!

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This is my first time painting with an airbrush, I was using laquer paint, aside from practice, any pointers from the pros?

Well yesterday and today I spent some time getting used to mixing paints and painting some cranks here is my first patters!


This is my first attempt at sexy shad, I will add the metallic flakes during the epoxy process!


I dont know this color, its a black base coat. Green scale coat and olive stripes!


This is a charteuese with black back, and black shad spots. I dont know why the chartruese didnt show up in the pic!


I call this bugs in the lemonade... Chartuese base with black specks shot on it!


This one I dont know what to call the pattern, seems like some kind of sunfish type!


Some more natural color patterns, still have to name them


These are my 1st attempt at a baby bass pattern.

I know they arent great, but this is the first time I have ever touched an airbrush! I have a few more chartuese black back patterns, and I will be working on some other stuff! Some craw and more bluegill stuff!

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Hey Bassin, walmart sells white mess netting a few different sizes, great for scales, as well, if u can get a pack of combs from a dollar store, diff sizes, I'll cut some netting to fit the comb, gives u straight lines with scales as well, get some fish pic's, bluegill, yellow perch, and try and match the colors & patterns best u can, it all takes time, there are some very good painters & lure builders here, Im not in that group, LOL......Have Fun...MIke

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