clogged badger crescendo???

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:eek: i',m at my wits end....can't figure out why it won't spray paint (createx)...but will spray the createx cleaner....i've "back flushed", cleaned all the parts read the manual until i'm cross- was spraying fine .....i paused to change colors and quick rinse then problems set in.....initially it would spray sporadically if i shook the brush while depresssing the trigger now zip, nada...only cleaner will it spray...any suggestions before i tank it thanks surfk9 :censored::censored: maybe i should have s a few:sauced: and come back in the am...thanks again. i know that sometimes it seems cliche to say it again but this is one great site,,,,it's enabled me to expand my bass fishing horizons..thanks for all the help.

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First, make sure your needle is retacting properly. A lot of times, paint and gunk in the needle barrel keeps the needle from moving freely, so, while a thin material like airbrush cleaner will pass the partially opened needle, the thicker paint won't.

If the needle moves easily and completely, here's what I do.

Be sure your brush has teflon-type O rings, so they are solvent-proof.

Take the gun apart, soak the parts in acetone, use a small brush to be sure all the paint is gone from nozzle assembly, and then reassemble it.

Run some clean acetone through it, including a couple of back flushes, to make sure the tiny air passages are totally clean, and run some clean water through it to clean out the last of the acetone

You should be good to go.

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