Hegner scroll saw help?

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Well I solved my dilemma with deciding on buying a scroll saw or band saw, neither. I was given a Hegner scroll saw so a scroll saw is what I'm going to use. I don't know anything about scroll saws but looking at the prices on the internet it looks to be a good one.

My problem is getting the blade to stay in. Well fixed that problem.


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My saw requires a hex wrench to tighten the blade clamps. BTW, after trying various blades, I find that the big (?1/4"?) standard blades that are about 1/32" thick are the best for cutting out blanks. They cut faster, bend less, and wander less than thinner blades with more teeth per inch. Added benefit, the big blade is the right size for making a lip slot in one cut for .031 circuit board lips.

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