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I have been using KILZ as a base coat and I dip the lures and let drip dry. My question is what is everyone else using? Are there alternatives? The KILZ works, but it's pretty thick. This may not be an issue, but wanted to check. I use Createx paints and epoxy as a top coat. Does anyone have any other thoughts?

Thanks for any help.


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I'm really new at this so i'm not really the one to comment but, I have used Kilz on a few wooded lures and like you I found that straight outta the can the Kilz is quite thick and didn't work well for dipping, so I thinned it down and sprayed it thru my airbrush and that worked ALOT better for me and I think i'll continue to do it that way.....if I was gonna keep dipping I still think i'd want to thin the Kilz down just to make that process work better.

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