PS900 place to purchase?

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I was wondering where a good online website (cheap) would be to purchase the PS900. I would also like a 0.2mm nozzle and needle.. Any help?

Also before I take the plunge.. Does anyone have anything negative to say about the brush? Is an Iwata that much better?

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Or here @ Au$34 (about U.S $30) - I have used two of them- (different name same brush) and there is a few little problems with them, nothing that can't be easily fixed though - I put a thread up somewhere on fixing them (in tools I think). Parts are also available from this "store". Get in quick though, the way the U.S dollars going, it will be cheaper to buy one here soon. If you buy through the Australian 'fleabay' site they should be cheaper -pete

Heres the link to set them up..

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