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in here,we mostly fish on commercial pond( U paid what u got) this pond not big like a natural lake

2 times i have participate on gathering with the other anglers( 7-10 persons),

we always got disappointing result on those gathering...the fish wont bite our cranks :(

it's very different story if we fish in small group (2 persons)...

i don't understand why it's happen?

the best answer i got is, fish will run away or hide if they see lures parade.LOL

have u has similar experience or answer about it??please share on this topic

PS : the pond size around 10x20m. each angler has gap around 1 meter



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And I thought that the UK waters were over fished!

I have seen such ponds in my travels around Bandung, many of them much smaller than you describe, with a dozen people fishing them. It always made me smile.

In such a confined space, the fish soon learn what is food and what is immitation. Also, if everyone is throwing cranks, it must feel to the fish like it is raining bricks!

I have not fished in Indonesia yet, but I have seen many large natural lakes. Have you fished these? Any good? what kind of fish? I'm sure members would like to see a pic or two of the type of fish that you catch.

I visited some friends in a mountain campung (village) once and was tasked with catching a few fish for the meal. The pond was 5m x 3m. I struggled to catch anything with the bread that they gave me, so I used some pork luncheon meat that my wife had bought earlier that day. Very successful.

The dinner guests congratulated me on my catch and asked many questions. I made the mistake of telling them about the pork meat. One woman threw up and refused to eat any more. The others laughed, but I felt so embarrassed.

Sorry for the digression.


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raining brick...yes you're right

that what i was thinking too.

after that the fish will see submarine parade running across the water:D

almost every natural lakes or rivers in Java has a poor species of fish. this is not only affect by over fishing and poisoning but also from suckermouth catfish(local call it "sapu-sapu") this fish has invade our water n eat all local species eggs..

the only fish available is Nile Tilapia n other fish who can escaped from breeder net..

but in SOME remote area u can still find wild catfish, snake head and BARRA, me and my friends still searching for this spot

your story about pork bait very funny, u can make all people at the party laugh with those story:lolhuh:

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@ sinyo

I do believe , that the fish are just spooked by the lots of crankbaits ploughing through the water , .........that pond is just too small !

I think , that not many of those fish there would have a great chance to gain negative experience with lures , sooner or later they'd get caught and taken out(never heard of catch-and-release in such commercial ponds) , ....the owner must stock new fish , and these possibly would not know any lures , so the learning effect for the fish should be minor , I guess ?

This is also because the pond is THAT small ,..... the fish can't hide away , thus get caught quite fast(by FEW anglers only , that don't spook them) , .......on a bigger pond things might look different in terms of a learning effect , as the fish might get not caught and taken out so fast ?

We have quite a few of commercial trout ponds over here in Germany , lure ,-and flyfishing is only allowed in a few bigger ones , most owners only allow bait like trout paste , maggots , larvas , worms , dough and stuff like that .

But the trout there are also not that easy to catch , sometimes you'll be blank , sometimes you catch them by the dozen ,..... also they can be choosy on a certain kind of bait , which may vary from day to day .

But this behaviour has to do a lot with outside influences like temperature , wind , time of day , etc . and not with the amount of anglers at the bank , my opinion:? !

For the owner of that pond you've mentioned it seems to be of double advantage , if anglers turn up in larger groups , ......he makes more money and same time keeps more fish in the pond:lol::lol:!

good luck , diemai:yay:

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