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In pull tests I have found the loose barrel twisted eye performs better than the regular twisted eye and is just as easy to make. Thanks to Hazmail for introducing this wire configuration.

Tools needed: safety glasses, bench vice, wire cutters, pliers, centre punch, small hammer, wood block, and rounded nail.

Safety first, round off the nail point. Inevitably you will catch your wrist on the point (I did). Wear safety glasses when snipping wire, small off cuts can fly anywhere.

Clamp the nail at the edge of the vice.

Bend the short end 90 degrees and hold with pliers, the long end is held in other hand.

The first twist sets up the eye and is made 180 degrees and pulled tight. Twist it another half turn, close to the nail and tight.

Now pull the pliers out straight and tight. Wind the other end around to form the loose barrel twist.

While still holding the pliers and the loose end in the pliers hand and the loop still on the nail, snip off the excess and discard. This technique prevents bits of wire flying everywhere.

Place the loop on a wood block, locate a centre punch in the eye and lightly tap with a small hammer. This tidies up the eye.

Waste is 2

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Thanks for the info V man. I would say the reason for that is there is a larger void for the glue to fill in the loose barrel than in the tight one. :yes:

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I'm not sure I have fully understood the making process, due to my poor English.

But I will tell you this: if you had a second vice, identical to the first, you could clamp the end of the short wire at the edge of the second one, and the winding of the long wire around the short one would be much easier. Also, you have to think of a way to pull a little bit the end of the short wire when you clamp it in the second vice, because if the wire does not move much, the winding of the long wire is easier.

On the other hand, maybe buying a second vice to do this is not worth the financial effort.

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This is one of those things that is difficult to explain (for me) but very easy to do once you try. All will become clear after your first attempt.

The second vice will not be required, the hand held pliers give you enough leverage to achieve tension. Also, the vice will not help you do the first twist, to set up the eye. If you omit the first twist and go straight into the barrel twist, the eye will not be centered.

The only thing that occasionally goes wrong, is when the wire slips off the nail. With a little practice, this is easily avoided.

I suggest you have a go, then come back with any problems.


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