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Just wanted to say a big thank you for the help I received from this forum and it's members. I learned a lot from reading the boards and from BobP (Thanks for the uber helpful reply!) and managed to crank out a lure:






It turned out quite...ugly, but I was still proud of it. I definitely need to thin down the Epoxy more though, next time.


And, best of all, it actually caught a fish (largemouth)!


I was very proud of it at this point. I should have taken the advice given on this forum and put the lure away for save keeping, but I had to try a few more casts...and lost it to a tree limb :(:(

I think I'll be able to retrieve it, it's not completely gone, but dissapointing nonethless.

It was supposed to be a popper style lure, and it floated and 'popped' fine, but I found that a fast retrieve actually made it sink to 1 ft, and wobble just like a rapala! I'm not sure why this is, it doesn't have anything close to a typical 'lip', but it was kind of cool.

Thanks everyone!

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Congratulations on your success.

Regarding the action, the 'mouth' shape that you have designed actually behaves just like a lip. The 'V' shape collects the water and concentrates its force in the corner. The water flow spills one side, then the other, giving the 'X'ing action. A regular lip works the same way, using the corner between the lip and the body.

If you ever build a lure with the lip out front, you will notice that the action is greatly reduced, this is because the 'corner' is not present. Some antique designs overcame this problem by introducing a small notch, search a few antique lure sites and you will see. This was one of the first eye openers that I discovered in my lure building, 3 years ago, only I found it by poor action with front mounted lips.

Keep up the good work, nice design.


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You're hooked now! ;)

I think Vman's right. Your lower lip is large enough to act like a diving lip on a faster retrieve.

One of my favorite, most productive poppers has a similar face, but with a very small lower lip, and a large, angled flat upper face. Bloops really loud on a pop/pause/pop retrieve, and doesn't dive on a faster retrieve.

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What may look ugly for us, may also appear most tasteful for a fish.

Rule of the thumb: do not judge feeding preferences of a fish through a human eye :rolleyes:

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Excellent! Now wasn't that FUN? Catching fish on a bait you made by hand is why many of us build crankbaits.

Now, do it again :)

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Last time I checked the whole idea behind building your own tackle was to catch fish. Seems like you've done just that. Now that your "hooked" on building lures would you like to join the 12 step program for tackle addicts? :wacko:

good job,

RG :yay:

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