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Candy Mack Lures

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Have you seen these on the market? Quite eeeenteresting.


A few early testers had the lures break on some bruiser yellow tails, and the manufacturer came back with guarantee and interesting bit of info.


Thanks for the heads up on the message board. We have changed material from the first Candy Macks we sold at the Fred Hall shows and Day at the Docks. We found an A & B part polyurethane that is super tough with just enough flexibility. Skate board wheels are made of polyurethane. I have tried to get the word out through our retailers that we will gladly replace all of the lures made from the old material. Please pass that info to the guys on the message board.

The new lures have caught 70lb yellow fin and 45lb Yellowtail on the long range boats this summer with no problems. The retail price is 29.99. The 39.99 came from an interview with ESPN sports when we first showed prototypes at ICAST 2008 and were still shopping for parts vendors.

I'm the manufacturer so don't take my word on the Candy Mack's performance vs. the iron. Check other message boards if you want to know how the Candy Mack performed this summer and fall on the long range boats. I also encourage guys to talk to the boat captains and crew. Or they can contact Jack and Fisherman's Access or Luc and Anglers Choice and get the feedback their customers have been giving them.

Thanks for your interest Bob.

Jeff Law

Aqueous Outdoors"

Video available here. It is hosted in the company website, so don't click if you don't want to see their home page.

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I am not connected to these people in anyway. I just thought you guys might like to see this aqua tunnel thingy and the fact that they are casting these lures from skateboard wheel composite.


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