Broken Crankbait Lip

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RayburnGuy    1,334

Hey Mike, might help to know what kind of bait it is and how the lip is attached. Maybe a picture as well. I've actually cut the lip off one type of plastic bait and glued it onto another. There are some pretty amazing epoxies out there these days. If it's a wooden bait I would think that you could cut the old bill out with a saw blade of the appropriate size and glue another one in. I'm sure there are those here that are much more knowledgeable on this subject than I. Good luck.


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Vodkaman    888
BobP    805

On a wood bait, just cut it out with thin cuts along the top and bottom of the lip (actually, cutting on EITHER the top or bottom usually gives you enough room/leverage to pry it loose). When you get it out, the slot is now too big for the new lip. Here's a fix - fill the void with epoxy putty and cut another lip slot. Or, pack the slot with putty and push a new lip into it while still soft. Works surprisingly well and you don't have to fret about keeping the lip straight while the epoxy cures - the putty holds it still immediately. The putty has a density similar to hardwood. I use whatever brand quick cure 5 min. epoxy putty is available at a home center

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pikeman    11

OK, this may be a little bit dangerous but here it goes

I've tried this on plastic lures and wooden too, the lip had a good bond to the surface of the lure so there was no chance of removing it , tried playing with the xacto knife around it and also couldn't cut the lure because the toe eye was in the center placed somehow on top (not getting out from under the lip). So , I worked around using a hot wire (some fumes involved too, but not to much) and started to melt the plastic of the lip , this causes also the resin (or the glue) to react while you are digging into the plastic and after two or three tries you can get out the remains using the Xacto ;)

Hope this helps

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