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Chubby Shad Swimbait....

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Just messin around in the garage and figured to go ahead and advance development of my jointed lures.

This is primarily a test of the joint system I will be using when I get my skills down. Its a two joint shad lure with 2 hooks, a pyramid tail just like similar to Big Hammer plastic swimbaits, about 1-2 oz and 4 inches long.

I am thinking that the wood around the pin will be reinforced with fiberglass just for good measure.





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Let me know how that joint works out for you. I messed around with the idea of having the "V" reversed like that but never could get it to swim right. I think it traps the vorticies and doesnt distribute them thus not havin a swiming action. I though I could drill blow through holes to let the water pass through but never took it to that point.

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