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When you pour a crankbait in a mold, how do you make the lip? Do you pour it with the same resin as the lure, or do you place a lexan lip in the mold cavity? Never poured a bnait yet, but would like to try it. Im wondering if a resin lip would hold up to fishing? With a lexan lip I could drill a hole through it and put it on the "through wire". It would never come out! I would just have to put a lexan lip on the clay model before I poured the mold. What information can you guys give me?

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Is is absolutly necessarily to place the lip?

I cut the lip slot on the prototype, make the mold and place the lip after demolding the lure

Now I'm trying to make a mold with a channel for the thru wire and two holes on the belly for the weight already cut on the prototype, if it works this may solve the problem with the wire running through the lip also cause you can place it after

I'm tired trying to fit the wire in the mold

Oh , forgot to mention that this is a one piece mold and I use foam for the lures

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