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I've searched through the forum,and can't find any info.

I know that there was some at one time,can someone point me in the right direction?


I did it once as a gift for a friend... and to see how its done. If I recall, I took an actual photo, cut out my picture, and soaked it for like 5 minutes in water. Then I gently removed the paper part of the photo leaving the thing plastic membrane. I then used spray adhesive to glue it on both sides of the lure... FYI, you start off with a picture for each side.

After you get the image on the lure I put my first clear coat on. I then paint the top and the bottom to blend in with the images. Clear coat and your done. Ok, its a little trickier than it sounds!

I wish I had a picture, I was really happy with the turn out. The hardest part was working the image dimensions to fit the lure. I had a buddy stretch certain parts of the image to cover the lure well.

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It's been a long while since I tried it last but this was the method i used and it really is easy. As soon as we get some darn ink in our printer I may try one again for a Christmas gift.

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I made some roach jerkbaits and photo finished them. All that was needed was the usual white paint base-coat then the image was printed with an inkjet printer onto clear decal paper which was then slid into position onto the bait, allowed to dry then epoxy coated. When the epoxy is cured I then airbrushed the back and belly before epoxy coating for a second time. They turned out great :)

I do not know what it would be like doing a crankbait but the principle should be the same.



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