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Lip Gripper Enhanced!

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I was using my $6 BassPro gripper, BOGA knock off, and lost serveral decent size fish because I had to bend over and could not reach those thrashing pike with the short stick.

Berkley's knew 28 incher is $90!

I took the pins out and drilled channesl for a loop of 65 pound 7-strand coated leader cable. The gripper fits PVC 3/4 fittings. I ran the leader up over the new cross bolt and ontop of the cross bolt I ran it through a piece of tubing and then a nut for a bead, a stopper. This brought the knot up to the top so I could reach it to tie it. The tube rests on the cross bolt.

Both triggers work. I can stand in my boat and reach the surface of the water with it. It should work fine now.

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