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@ Rob Raven

Quite popular here in Europe , exellent for medium sized crankbaits and topwater baits .

Not suited for larger sinking glider jerkbaits and/or large , voluminous crankbaits , as it would require too much ballast that might hinder the action .

It's heavier than balsa but ligther as pinewood and holds epoxied screw eyes very well .

I does not have a pronounced grain like pine , cuts and sands very easy .

The abache wood blanks should be sealed off against water sepage ,...... many utilize a 50/50 solution of linseed oil and turpentine , but this is a time consuming process and may yellow bright colors on the lures after a few months , when solvent based paint was used .

Abachewood is available over here in lumber yards in boards of 22 mm and 26 mm thickness , it is mainly used for seatbenches in the famous Finnish steam baths called "Sauna" , therefore one can sometimes find these under the term "Sauna boards" as well .

greetz , diemai :yay:

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