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Popping Cork Supplier?

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hey im new here. i want to start making a few of my own lures. im looking for a float supplier. like the float in the attatchment.

any help?



Welcome Ryan! Glad to have you.

Sorry no suppliers have been trying to sell me the float you seek. First, I'm not familiar with the Big Poppy type float you want to make so I apologize if my comments are not appropriate. It looks like you want to make a wired float (containing a sleeve) that moves back and forth between beads when twitched. Sounds like you want to modify this to fit your ideas and in small quantaties for your own use. If this is not what you want, sorry I misunderstood.

Second, are you sure the float is made from cork? When the jpeg is enlarged, it looks like a seam is formed in the middle of the barrel shaped float as if two halves of a foam mold are clamped together and then foam is injected into the mold.

The float could be made from cork by turning a solid piece of cork in a lathe and forming seam lines at the widest part. You can buy a small hobby lathe and do this yourself. If so, how would the barrel float be held in a jig so the center could be drilled accurately?

Also it looks like a sleeve with shoulders is inserted in the center of the float. Where would you get these sleeves? Even if made from aluminum, they will tend to sink the float. Is this desirable? I believe I've seen this type of fastner for sale but it would need a hole drilled to insert the wire. Possibly an aluminum tube could be flared on each end to form the sleeve.

Third if these barell floats are made from cork, how do they stand up when fishing? The back and forth motion will eventually force water between primer and or color coats forming separation. Have you seen Big Poppy do this? With this lure, paint on foam should stand up better than paint on cork.

Here is an auction item on eBay that looks similar to what you are seeking.

But unilke the Big Poppy, these floats use sticks through the middle to keep line tight to maintain line length between float and terminal tackle. Anglers using these floats do not seem to be facing paint separation issues that you may face.

Fourth there are probably several cork wholesalers who can sell you barell shaped floats. A Google or Thomas Register search may show what's available. If you find what you are looking for, and their minimum order is low and let us know what you find.

Hope this post helps at least a little.

Good luck and go fish!


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