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Lathe Duplicator Question

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CARP104    1

Are there any lathe duplicators that duplicate plugs that are not symmetrical about an axis of rotation? The only way I can see this working is if the template piece rotated (at the same velocity) as the lathe.

Are there any other machines that can duplicate non-symmetrical shapes like wide wobbling plugs or is the answer some version of a lathe duplicator? Any help is greatly appreciated, I am very new to this. Thanks!


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Vodkaman    890

Such machines obviously do not have a huge market, so they are not mass produced and therefore carry a large price tag. Dollar figures mentioned in past threads vary from $13,000 to $30,000. They do not come up for sale very often, but there was one in the classifieds section dating back to March: http://www.tackleund...__fromsearch__1 not sure if it is still on the market though.

A number of members are or have been working on such machines, including myself. However, none of them have been brave enough to offer one up for sale, the primary reason being one of safety. One cannot always rely on a customer having common sense, but guaranteed he will have a good attorney.

I am reluctant to mention the search tool as another new member has just chewed off a section of my rear end, so here is a link to the main thread on the subject:


But there are plenty of other discussions on the subject. Not sure how you are going to find them though!

Welcome to TU.


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FishThanks    10

You can turn with a lathe with the part off center. It is easier to do with a duplicator attached to the lathe. I am getting ready to try it. There are some tutorials on turning off center on surftalk. The basics are you make marks for the centerline as you normally would then make two marks the same distance off center. You turn the part so far off center then move the lathe centers to the oppposite off center mark and complete the turning. The duplicator gives you equal depth of cut so both sides off the oval shape are uniform. It is supposed to be a little touchy to do.

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