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Here are some crazy ideas that I came up with last night...ok it's not so good to be an engineer :lol:

1. As I made some foam lures I saw that I had no balsa grains to mix with epoxy for covering the thru wire channel, so...what to do? :unsure: Oh well, I mixed it with...flour , yes, and it went out smooth :lol:

Be carefull, if your wife sees you it might turn out to be dangerous. Also if she ain't home you must explain were is the flour since you didn't cooked anything.

P.S. don't tell her you got this idea from me :lol:

2. I was thinking to make a pot mold from RTV as I was tyred to use plastic cups for pouring foam(and throw them away after I finish)...as I was screwing with this idea I noticed some small ceramic cups in the kitchen. As you know foam sticks to everything so here is what I did. Mixed it in the ceramic cup, poured it in the mold, clean the cup with a cloth and continued for a couple of lures. After I finished I placed the ceramic cup in boiling water, and off it goes the foam B)

P.S. wearing gloves it's a must for foam pouring ;)

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Maybe not so crazy perhaps. But I think it would have helped you better if you were a construction engineer.

I will refer to your first idea only.

What if you would make a parallel between epoxy mixture and concrete?

If you mix cement and water you will come up with a tough material, but if you also add gravel and sand, the resulting material (concrete) is even tougher.

So instead of adding flour to epoxy, why not thinking of adding sand (washed and dried) ? If for some reasons you don't want to use epoxy putty (and I guess that epoxy putty can also be mixed with sand - may be worth a trial), then the epoxy-sand mixture could be a perfect strong filler for the wire channel. You can get a handful of sand for free, and it may last your needs for half a year perhaps. If you think that this mixture would add too much weight to the lure, I think that things can be solved out in many ways - I don't want to write them all just now. But I think that the mixture will not be too heavy, provided that the channel is made right.

Usually a kilogram of wife cost more than a kilogram of flour, so be careful about using flour for luremaking :rolleyes:

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Good ideas.

Rofish, I take your point with the sand, but it may cause sanding difficulties.

When I did foam, I used my landlords best china, he was screwing me anyway. Unfortunately, I found the same as you, it cleaned out fairly easily.

Another good filler for small imperfections is icocyanate glue and microballoons. I have actually seen this sold as a kit in a craft shop, with a very silly price tag attached.


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