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Dick Nite Fishermun's Clear Available Again!

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Good News!

Our new formulation has passed all the tests I could throw at it. While I am sure there are some combinations of materials, atmospheric conditions, and processes I missed, it passed all the tests I did with flying colors.

Most people will find absolutely no difference between our new and old formulation. Chip/Scratch resistance, Worm resistance, Leveling qualities, viscosity, color, and everything else is THE SAME as before.

So, I would like to take this time to thank you all, first for your business in the past, and secondly for your patience during this fiasco our vendor put us into.

I have notified several folks by email, but if you have called and spoken with me in the past 2 months, you know the frame of mind I have been in (can you say, "Frazzled"?), so I may have missed some.

For your patience, I will be giving an additional 10% discount on the top-coat to all you TU members on orders placed through the end of this year as a kind of "Thank You" for being such a great bunch of folks and supporting us through this trying time.

As always, if you have questions, suggestions, or whatever, please feel free to email (Orders: or anything else: and I will be happy to talk to you!

I am going to post this as a separate thread in case anyone has tired of this one, so forgive the duplication if you see it.

Thanks again folks - you are appreciated!

Dick Nite

Dick Nite Spoons, Inc.

PS - if you have posted here that you wanted to order, please do NOT assume that I have you on the list. Please order again and I will catch any duplication in my order system.

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