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Rub On Paint

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Hi Tbone,

I have seen a taxidermist paint an entire channel catfish using only his finger to apply the rub on powder and it looked like he just caught it after clearing it. He told me you can apply it with your finger or the little sponge type things like women use to apply make up. I use lacquer taxidermy paint and he said that I could spray the basecoat sealer over it then spray over that without any problems. I bought all the colors he had but I have not used it yet. Actually my wife robbed it from me and has been using it for her scrapbooking and card making so I quess I will have to get more.

Good Luck!


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Ran across this product in taxidermy catalog. Has anyone used this or seen this product used.

Thanks Rick

I would like to see this on a lure? I also like the fact it is compatible with Lacquer, as I also shoot lacquer. If you paint one up would love to see the finished product



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