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Foiling Materials....

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Hey all....

I've been learning alot reading through the posts on this site so I figured I'd try and give back a little on some of my trials and errors.....

I've been trying to find the best method for "foiling" fairly complex crankbait bodies... I've used the following:

Brite-Bak Tape (Silver and Gold)

Foil backed polyester sheets

Paper backed foil sheets

Assorted silver/chrome paints

Renolyds Aluminum Foil

Dollar Store Aluminum Foil

Aluminum Flashing tape


By far.... the Dollar store cheapo foil is the best to use. I know that's not a surprise to many, but I tried that material LAST on my list and was pretty mad I didn't try it sooner. It's the thinest stuff out there that has some stretch to it and will conform to the part, even those with lightly molded scales. Please save your money and time and just use this stuff... I adhered the foil with 3M Super 77 Spray Adhesive.

Opinions on other materials....

Brite Bak... the silver is 2 mil, and gold 1 mil... therefore the gold forms a bit easier. This stuff works, but is best suited for lures that are big, and fairly "tubular" in shape, as once force to stretch over compound curves, it can crinkle and leave small bumps that are hard to remove.

Foilbacked Polyester.... doesn't stretch... only good for non compound surfaces.

Silver/Chrome paints.... the ones that are cheap aren't really shiny, and can be a pain to work with as your lure surface need to be near perfectly sooth.

Hope this post helps and saves you guys some headaches...


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Thanks for the info slowfish. That's what I love about tackleunderground, people are willing to share and help out the rest of us. I've only messed with foiling a little bit and I used aluminum duct tape. It worked alright and was easy with the adhesive backing but does crinkle around the edges of the bait and doesn't stretch too well.I'm thinking about trying that dollar store foil if I pick up foiling again.

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I've been trying foiling my self with poor results. Just can't get it right. Now a dollar store foil, is this a foil used for food or gifts? We don't have Dollar stores here in Slovenia :), so I'm trying to find out what kind of foil this is...


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