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How To Make A Bio-pulse Lure?

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Looking at these lures, I wonder how they make them?

They say their Bio-Pulse lures do 10 things. Whew! That's a lot of stuff going on.


Here is what their lure looks like;


Here is just one professor's smell stuff that is inserted into their lure:

I wonder how they get the circuit board into the lure and what it does?

Anybody tried one of these pricey lures yet?



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Hmm - $33. Are batteries included? A company may eventually come up with electronic circuitry that does something positive in a crankbait. Whether this is the one is an open question IMO. As far as the scent goes, I don't see much advantage to having it metered out by a crankbait - if you think scent on a crankbait actually helps (I'm not convinced). Laser red flashing lights? Maybe, in certain limited circumstances. When will I believe? When an independent fishery biologist does valid scientific testing that has a strong positive outcome. Didn't see that in the 10 ad points so I gotta withhold judgement - and my $$$. JMHO

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