Swimbait Fins?

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Not a swimbait maker myself, but seems like I remember a post about this subject and them using something called "fibetts". Also seem to remember something about paintbrush bristles. Just did an online search for "fibetts". Here's the link to one of them.


hope this helps,


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You can use lexan to make fins, although they could deaden the action on lipless baits. I don't know how they will affect a lipless swimbait because I have only used them lipped swimbaits so far. You'll probably be okay using lexan as long as the fins aren't oversized or if you're building a larger (6" & up) bait.

Hope this helps.


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With lipless swimbaits the amount of resistance that they create is crucial, for example: if they cut through the water cleanly and don't put too much resistance on it you should be fine, lexan should probably work, although i ve never tried it.

In my experiments I used wooden fins only, that way i could make them thinner or just make them smaller in every way if it was necessary. With my first atempt at a lipless bait with fins on it the bait it did not swim correctly, but on the other hand with lipped swimbaits they didn't cause a problem.

One other thing you may wish to try is making your fins out of soft plastic. It should give the bait a more realist look if the plastic is the right color. The fibetts i have not tried but want to.

Hope this helps,


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