Water Born Polyeurathane

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I was wondering if a water born poly eurathane would work good for a sealing coat over wood before painting and do you think it would clear up any paint krinkling if applied after paint(I have had problems with a gold colored rattle can paint very nice shine) but before epoxy or dn.

I would like to use this product because it is suppose to be easy to clean with soap and water and has less fumes than prop. wich is a plus since I am working in the basement over the winter months.



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I was reading about a product that would address the problem your having. Don't remember if it was here at TU or somewhere else. It's called "U-Pol Clear #1 - High Gloss Clear Coat". It's comes in a spray can. It should provide a barrier between your paint and top coat of choice. Take a look at the link below and see if it will help you.


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