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I noticed the other day that the View New Content button does not bring up all topics with unread content like I assumed it did. Some threads that are ones I have looked at before that have new posts don't show up. On another forum I frequent (granted, different forum software) they have two different links, View New Content and View Unread Content. The View New Content will only show topics that were created since you're last visit while the View Unread Content will show older threads with new posts that you have not read. Is it possible to get the Unread Posts function here?

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The "View New Content" link is supposed to display unread topics just as you mentioned, other members have mentioned it malfunctions for them also.

By request, I added another function that filters topics by time (eg, Latest Posts) That filters out everything but the last 24 hours, however you can use the form in each forum to filter on a number of different criteria.

I'm aware of the glitch, If I can't fix I'll get someone to do it for us.

Thanks for the feedback,


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