Where Can I Get Patterns For Decals

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I think most folks here at TU make their own decals and stencils. Decals can be made by copying an image you like and printing it out on decal paper. You'll need a photo program of some type to size it to fit. Then it's just a matter of cutting it out and applying it to a lure. Stencils can be made from paper, plastic or any of a number of things. Again, you have to size them and add the details you want. You can do this with a hobby knife, a dremel tool or anything that you can carve or cut with.

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As far as stencils go, I love the stencil material they sell at craft stores. I have found a fun way to get certain shapes into it: Soldering iron. It goes through it like butter. It won't leave a perfect line like a knife, but sometimes that's what you want. And it's good for rounding the stencil where the cuts are too angular.

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