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Etex And Foil

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I searched for awhile and could not find anything so I decided to ask.

I am working on my first photo/foil bait. The etex went over well last night and seemed to be doing fine as I monitored it for about 2 hours.

But this morning I saw some bubbles that had formed around the edges of the foil on one side of the bait.

The other side is flawless but the one side has several bubbles that has formed. Now for my questions:

Should I try to sand the imperfections then coat again before painting?


Should I sand the imperfections and move on to painting?


Any other suggestions?


What did I do right on one side that I did not do right on the other side, so I can avoid this in the future.

FYI: Foil was attached to a lipless bait using spray adhesive then brushed with etex.

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I am thinking this topic got lost in the mix. Tonight I think I will sand the rough spots and then go ahead and start painting the seams.

Once painted, I will of course finish with the etex.

Someone please let me know if I am going about this the wrong way. :unsure:

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