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Making Some Prop.

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I am making a new batch of prop because the old stuff smelled real bad I used mek or something else for the first bunch

this new batch I am using acetone and plastic cups I have a few questions.

I mixed it up last night.

The cups melted but just sit in the bottom of a jar in a blob is this normal?

I used a brand named cut crystal the recycling number is 6 and they are clearer and thicker than beer cups if you squeeze them they crack

what cups do you use for this and what number is on the bottom?

How long should this take to be able to use it?

Will the plastic always settle to the bottom?

Can you use white plastic cups and make white prop.?



Hey Bob P you where right I did not use acetone like I thought on my other prop. this will work just fine in the basement thanks for your help

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George, I just use propionate dissolved in acetone so can't help about adding plastic cups to the equation. JMHO, prop is fairly cost efficient used by itself so why try a witch's brew? You're probably "on your own" with this experiment.

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You should be using virgin lacquer thinner. And i do mean virgin. Pick it up at auto parts houses like Auto zone.That should fix oyu up.

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