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OK, I am wondering if there is concensus within the "garage" bait making community as to the best and most fair way of arriving at a pricing structure. I am wanting to build some baits as a way to suplement my income as a student on unemployment.

At the same time, I am not interested in "putting a hurt" on anyone, and I buy baits too!

I am thinking about spinnerbaits, jigs, and swimbaits. Swimbaits would most likely be somewhat simple types, ala Slammers and AC Minnows. I have made some more elaborate things for personal use, but the labor costs would be well beyond anything I can imagine anyone being willing to pay...

I am thinking parts + a bit less than minimum wage, as a motivating factor to improve efficiency. Does anyone have any imput in this matter, positive OR negative?

In addition, is there anyone on the site who would be willing to pair with a bait maker on painting detail, as far as a volume discount would go? I am better at carving than painting at this point.



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to be able to calculate price charged for baits given a ratio of your cost of materials and minimum wage is solely based on the factor of how many baits you could sell in a given amount of time. thats a variable that is going to change significantly from week to week or month to month.

not to mention that the more baits u build, the more hours youve worked which in turn (by your calculations) is going to increase the price of your product.

in my business, i make about $2.15 to $3.45 per bait. some months i sell a ton. others im not selling a single one.

my advice to you is to search the internet for guys who are making similar baits as those you offer and if you believe that there product is similar to yours in craftsmanship, then use there prices as a starting point. you can increase or decrease according to the difference in materials used.

and it would definitely benefit you to hone those painting skills, because another way of increasing your income is to do repaints when your materials get low or your waiting for a shipment of supplies to come in.

sorry so long winded but hope this helps.

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