Painting Crankbaits - I'm New To This!

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Guys, I'm a newbie here and have a couple questions if you could share your knowledge. I want to start painting crankbaits and I'm getting ready to buy an airbrush. The one I am looking at is a Paasche double action. I see that Createx paints are used a lot. Do I use the opaque base first? Also, what brand topcoat do you recommend? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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most often i start by painting the bait a solid color, like white. over that you can either spray opaques

or translucents, etc., or any combination thereof.

as far as top coat, theres always an on going debate on what is the "best". it basically boils down to what better fits you and your needs. most of us use either a 2 part epoxy or a urethane like dick nite. There are definite pros and cons to each. epoxy is easier to use when using glitters because i think i get a better coverage, but epoxy does tend to yellow over a period of time. dick nites is a lil temperamental when comes to storage but its not unmanageable. its also more versatile when it comes to methods of use because u can either brush, spray, or dip it.

my advise is to try both to see what works better for you. or you can try to use the search feature on TU and get enough info to keep you busy till the sun comes up!

hope this helps

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