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Hey guys, I got a real simple one for ya. How many coats of Dick Nites should I use? Is one coat enough? Don't you lose all the texture with too much clear? Also, I have been using the cheap, little plastic kids paint brushes. Can I use a different brush? I was thinking the natural, hair paint brushes would leave hairs in my finish. It would be much easier finishing a bait with a larger brush. Do most of you dip, or brush on the clear? I kind of do both. I put it on real heavy while it is vertical and let it drip off the bottom.

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I believe that most folks here at TU who dip DN only dip once for bass lures. It was recommended to me to apply 3 to 4 coats if I was brushing it on and then putting the bait on a lure turner. Was also told to use a natural hair brush when brushing DN. The solvents in the DN will dissolve plastic or nylon bristles and that in turn will contaminate the finish. Here's a link to what several folks advised me to do. Including one message by Dick Nite himself.


In that earlier thread, Riverman reports his problem with ruining good hair brushes via solvent, while I have never encountered that problem. I can only guess that perhaps he's soaking his brushes in solvent? When I clean my brush after using DN, or epoxy, I pour a small amount of rubbing alcohol into the concave bottom of an areosol can or soft drink can and dab it around, repeating until the alcohol remains clean, which is usually 2 or 3 repeats. After the first dab, I'll squeeze the bristles with a paper towel over the trash can. When finished with the alcohol, I give the bristles a quick wash with Dawn dish soap at the kitchen sink, rinse, shake out, and hang to dry. If you're in a hurry to dry it quickly, use some newspaper, as it is lint free and oil free, which is why it also works well for cleaning the glass in your pick-up do drive a truck, don't you!?!?



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