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Painted Wiggle Wart Bill/dn/not Sticking On Edge/lacquer Paint

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Hi Guys. I've painted some of my wiggle warts with lacquer paint. First sanded, primed with super hide laquer,let dry well, painted the pattern and let dry well. I then dipped in Dn, let it stand a week. the body of the lure is hard as a rock and very shiney. The problem is with the edge of the bill. You can simply scratch it off with your finger nail with not much pressure. I was wondering if an adhesion promotor would help with the "edge" issue. And if so what brand and what stage in the painting process. I really like Dn and this is really the only issue I've had , it could very well be my technique. If anyone would be willing to advise, please do. Thanks alot, Ed.

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