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Painting Over Factory Paint Job

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Hey guys. Just a little preface, i do not paint. I have a buddy who does it for me, but hes also not the most experienced at it. Anyway, the question I have is can you paint directly over a baits factory clear coat. The reason i ask is the bait i want painted is already painted the exact base color i want. So rather than painting the whole bait again can he just paint on top of whats already there?

I have no doubt that you guys will be able answer my question. It never ceases to amaze me how much you guys know.

Thanks guys

- Richard

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The problem you face when painting over another paint job is adhesion. If you wet sand the clear coat, or use a fine scouring pad on it, or even wipe it down with a solvent that breaks the surface a little, your new paint will stick to it.

I've actually painted directly over Rapalas after wet sanding for the same reason. I just wanted to give the original shad paint scheme, silver with a black back, a more yellow cast, without losing the actual paint job and scales.

I wet sanded it first with 400 grit, and then painted with Createx transparent yellow, and wound up with bumble bee scheme, yellow belly and sides, and a brown back, which is exactly what I wanted. Beginner's luck! :lol:

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