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I am using laxen lips on some crankbaits I am working on and was wondering if there was a way I could have the line tie out away from the bait body on the lip like you see on most deep divers.

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Thanks Diemai,

I do have a new question. I saw that some of them had wire for the line tie that went all the way back through the bait and acted as the hook hangers as well and then there was a pic where the wire was bent just so that it was stay in the lip but the wire didn't go all the way back into the bait. If I am making musky baits do I have to have the wire running all the way back into the bait or will the baits hold up if they are just in the lip?

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@ BrownPigs

I haven't seen a homemade muskie bait yet with such an "unconnected" line tie on a Lexan lip , ........guess , that people are not that confident and go thru-wired exclusively .

You can rig such line tie onto a metal lip , that is screwed onto the lure body , preferably made of stainless steel or thicker aluminium sheet .

I have once seen a video of a huge African nile perch , more than 60" long , ...destroying a "Rapala Super Shad Rap" , the wood body was already halfway gone , but the fish still hung on the hook and harness .

If you see such , you won't like to make any experiments and go thru-wired for big fish lures !

But if you still wanna trie it , use thicker Lexan , and make sure to anchor the lip with crosswise pins , not just glue it into it's slot .

greetz , diemai :yay:

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