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Lipless Crank Baits

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Hi all,

I have been making my own spinnerbaits for a while and would like to try my hand at some lippless crank baits.

I would like to get some blanks and am looking for something around the same size as the Jackal Doozer.

Can anyone tell me where I might get some larger sized blanks, also if you could advise a basic paint proceedure with these style of lures ie what sort of paint should I use? do they need priming? etc

Thanks for your help in advance.



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The largest unpainted rattle baits I've seen are the 4" Rattle Shads from (formerly Stamina Tackle) item code 2761-04. They don't list weights in the catalog so I don't know if they are similar to a 1 oz Jackall Doozer. They are 1/2" longer and the shape is closer to a Rattletrap or Super Spot than a Doozer.

I paint with water based acrylic airbrush paint, with an airbrush. Sand the raw plastic with 400 grit paper to give it some tooth, shoot the paint, setting it with a hair dryer as I do each color, and topcoat the bait by dipping it in moistured cured polyurethane like Dick Nite. There are all sorts of details about each painting step that can make it easier. If you use the search box at the top right hand corner, you will find a wealth of information.

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