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Richpen Or Peak Airbrushes?

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I currently use a combination of Iwata and Badger brushes, but just noticed Bear Air has a great sale goin on now on these 2 types. Anyone have any reviews/experiences to share?



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I own two Peaks airbrushes at this time, and i'm concidering another, only I want one of the "hotrod" versions offered thru Learnairbrush dot com this time around. The first Peak I got was the X5 and some 3-4 years later I have nothing but good things to say about this airbrush....its every bit as good as my Iwata Eclipse hands down. I also have the X3 that I won in a contest several years back.....its not near the airbrush the X5 is.....for one its powdercoated black with is cool, but it doesn't hold up like the chrome finish, and all its little trigger parts are also powder coated which causes them to bind up I think....they just don't work as smooth as other parts. Its an inexpensive brush and feels like it.....I suppose it'd be ok in possibly a classroom of students....you wouldn't be worried about them damaging a high dollar airbrush, yet it plenty good enough to airbrush tee shirts with for beginners....if your a seasoned airbrusher you'll want to pass on the X3 though.

I do not own a Richpen at this time, but I plan on buying one....mainly the "Mojo" modified version that Mike Learns airbrush website offers......Mike is a seasoned veteran airbrush artist and stumbled across one of the Richpen airbrushes that struck his fancy and he eventually modded it and created an airbrush that is causing Iwata Micron users to drop their tools and buy his.....its supposedly THAT much better as a detail gun over the Micron. All I know for sure is folks have been raving about his modded Richpens ever since he started doing them and I see no end in sight, and i'm eventually going to buy one just to see what all the fuss is about....just need $300 extra....lol

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