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Wow, some really good and creative tips on this site. I am buying my first airbrush this weekend, and can't wait to get started with some of these ideas. I have been using spray paint on lures for a while now, the posicle stick idea would have come in handy then.

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The way I hold my netting is I cut a piece of netting in circle about 7" in diameter. Then, I use #2 splitshot and crimp them every 1/2" or so around the edge of the netting. Then I just drape the netting over the lure, arrange the netting, and shoot. The lead weights hold everything in place perfect.

I like this idea! I had been using my old plug knockers. Bell sinkers with snap clip. Drape the mesh over bait , then hook several weights through both sides of the mesh underneath the bait. It worked really slick.

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