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QuickLures    0

Howdy. I've been carving lures for a couple of years now from eastern red cedar that I cut myself but I have recently lost access to the woods I cut them from. If any body can tell me where I can maybe order some I really appreciate it.

I've also been trying to paint my lures and I was using an acrylic that I was getting at the local HobbyTown USA but there are two problems...the spray pattern through my airbrush is splattery(it's a decent Paasche) and it tends to chip from the lure(I use polyurethane for a clearcoat)....the second problem is the store closed so i need to find somewhere to find a paint supplier.

If you can give any advice it will really help. Thanks.

P.S. I was thinking of trying lacquer???

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BobP    834

Most large hobby chains like Hobby Lobby carry Createx as their standard airbrush paint but you can also buy it and other brands online from, or

Sorry, can't help on the cedar

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