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Any Help For Clearing Jointed Swimbaits & Crankbaits?

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I found these sebile knock offs to be exceptional, I painted them, have some still for sale, and got Dick Nite top coat into some of the joints.

But I loaded a syringe with MEK or Acetone for the tough ones, lacquer thinner or paint thinner for the not so bad ones. Placing a drop at a time and blotting with cotton tips I managed not to damage the paint job and loosened the DN to a stiff jelly.

Then I picked it out with a pointed exacto knife and a straight pin I bent into a small hook, guess it was not straight anymore-lol

Tedious picking away at it finally removed it without damaging the finish. I also found that a few drops of wd40 also helped when you thought there was no more you could get out I would lube it, again from a syringe.

Fortunately I only did that to a half dozen or so. I do not like painting lures and will not do it again. Sold my airbrush. But looking at the picture of a few of the ones I did, I am not so bad an painter. I just have no patience.

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